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Most of these activities are about getting better at English. Let me know if you have any ideas. I will add them.



DIY with Instructables. DIY is Do It Yourself. Find something you can make alone. Or make it with your friends or family. Some of these you can eat! Instructables has lots of step-by-step instructions with pictures.

Make some more origami and try papercraft.

Learn more about recycling projects here and here.


Camp Khan Kids is free summer learning for children ages 2-8. There are weekly summer learning themes. This is from their blog post:

“Our Camp Khan Kids themes for 2024 include Dino Week, Animal Adventures Week, and Science & Space Week. Campers can follow along by reading, learning, and playing with us in July. It’s a virtual program that campers can do at their own pace.”


Five Netflix movie suggestions. You can turn on Vietnamese or English subtitles.

See a movie in the theater like Doraemon or Garfield.


Increase your STEAM skills. STEAM means Science Technology Education Art Math.

If you’re in Vinh, you can go to:


Reading is good for your brain. Read my post about the benefits of reading. It’s in Vietnamese and English.


Turn on Auto-translate to have the subtitles automatically translated to Vietnamese (works in all browsers).


Games can be played for learning English too.

Play Verb Smash or other games by Wobble Monkey.

NounTown (get it from the Epic Games Store) - “Free the residents of Noun Town by learning a new language & bringing color back to the world! In this casual language learning simulation you pick up objects, learn foreign words, talk to characters, & test your skills with action packed mini-games. An educational puzzle awaits!”

Grammarian (get it from the Apple App Store or Google Play) - “We are pleased to introduce Grammarian Ltd , an English grammar-learning simulation game. Have fun playing the fresh graduate in charge of grammar validation in one of the most fun grammar practice games. It is suitable for kids, teens, and young adults.”

ABCYA - Play the Parts of Speech Quest games. There are 8 parts. ABCYA has lots of games to help you get better at English (and other subjects too). You can play on your computer or with the ABCYA app.

ABCYA Android app

ABCYA iOS app for iPhone / iPad

Play Fluency Cards - It’s like Uno for English learners. It’s fun. You should try it.

Play Interland to learn how to be safe online (play in English or Vietnamese)


You can have fun while learning English with these apps and websites.


How about some offline time without screens?

Look for more board games and card games on BoardGame.vn.

This family used things they have at home to make some really fun games.


Don’t forget to check out this post. It’s all about getting better at English. Let me know if you have any fun summer ideas. Thanks for reading and have a great summer! 😎